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Shaman Rob changed everything. He ended up being the real deal. He steered my ship of darkness towards the light in a most critical time. I credit him with how I have navigated all of my days of intense grieving, from that day forward.
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– Brooke

My time with Rob was nothing short of incredible. From the moment I entered our session, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and support. In our time together I felt safe, vulnerable, and incredibly grounded. With his guidance and the guidance of his teachers, we were able to get me to a new and healed state. Following our meeting, I have experienced a revitalized sense of joy, energy, and the ability to source from within. More than anything, Rob instilled in me a true sense of Oneness. Thank you, Rob! 

– Grace, New York City

At the age of 55 I found myself at a crossroads of sorts ~ a choice point in my life. Some might say that I’d backed myself into a corner. Despite having worked with the trauma and issues surrounding my childhood sexual abuse for the majority of my adult life, employing and exploring countless healing modalities, there were remnants of my history and my old ways of coping with it that lingered. My health was affected and I needed help. I’d hit a wall, personally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. As fate would have it, the divine wisdom of universal timing also brought Rob into my orbit at this pivotal and opportune time. I was fortunate and honored to be able to work with him.

Rob led me through a series of four sessions, one of which was a powerful fire ceremony during which I was finally able to forgive and release my abuser. There was also a soul retrieval during which we negotiated the return of a younger part of myself, and also a despacho, a beautiful, tangible ritual of offering, exchange and prayers.

There were moments when Rob told me things that I did not like hearing. These provocations prompted deeper work, reflection and releasing on my part, and as tough as they were to hear and admit about myself, his honesty was what I needed to move through my self-constructed wall of fear and denial. I can laugh now, but at one point Rob told me that I needed to embody the Mother, the goddess, that I was all in my head. I nearly slapped him! I spent my life honoring the feminine in all of her glory, expressing her beauty through my art and professional work on behalf of survivors of sexual assault. My house was her temple. How could he say that to me?! As painful as it was to acknowledge, he was right. Over the course of our work together, I felt my center drop. I became grounded in Her and not stuck in my head. My heart and my head and my gut knowing were truly communicating. Rob had cleared the field and created the safety to allow all of me to feel safe in my own skin at long last. My own body could now be the temple, and there was room for self – compassion. Overall, I feel at peace. There is equanimity where once there was a buzzing ongoing commentary in my head. I feel accompanied by a sense of grace and feel that I can fully show up for myself and be present in a way I only thought I was doing previously.

As a survivor of sexual assault, I appreciated that Rob’s work was also trauma informed. He told me what he was going to do ahead of time, always letting me know what would happen and asking permission if he needed to touch me.

Rob is humble, professional and effective. He is also a kind man who uses his training and skills with respect for his ancestral and shamanic lineage and reverence for the spirits of the natural world and an eye to the client’s spiritual and physical wellbeing. He invites the best possible outcome as he navigates between the worlds seen and unseen, between spirit and matter. You have to do the work, but if you’re ready, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Rob to assist you with your healing and to accompany you on this journey.

– Kim, Carmel Valley, CA

Having been on the receiving end of Rob’s healing sessions on multiple occasions I am left with no question that he always has my best interests at the center of his intention. I believe to be able to facilitate this type of work one has to have a clear understanding of one’s self. I truly have truly felt and continue to feel that Rob comes from a very clean and powerful place when he is in session. It is definitely a gift to be able to work with him.

– Craig Baldwin, Sandpoint, ID

Rob has been my friend for going on 15 years and I scheduled a shamanic session with him largely due to his warm hearted empathy and his insights as a listener and a counselor.

I was not expecting what happened in my session with him.

From the moment that Rob started calling in the shaman lineage and placing the stones on my body there was a powerful shaman in the room – also moving the energy with Rob and helping to place the stones – an OLD ONE – from a much wilder time and place. He had signs of the jaguar. He wore fur and claw. There was laughter in his eyes, like a rare one that sees the dream as a dream.

I came into the session expecting only a little gentle counseling and knew nothing about the shaman’s way. I just wanted relief from the waves of fear and powerful self-doubt that kept nearly sinking me – complete with their powerful images of personal failure.
I had fear in my bones.

During the most intense moments in my session with Rob my body shook as the energy “untwisted” and then I felt a great release. Old/Wild Shaman laughed. Rob told me later that Jaguar energy is the great re-cycle-er of fear, able to devour it and mulch it into something useful and important.

I was very surprised…but that cycle of fear in my bones left me in that session with Rob (and his shaman friend)…something that had not happened for me in Zen meditation, or in counseling.

Amazing! Thank you, Rob!

– Melanie

The first session I had with Rob was February 2013. I really didn’t know what kind of work he specialized in, but it completely intrigued me. When I heard about Rob from my sister, I had to see just exactly what he did. Being a massage therapist/intuitive, I was aware of different types of healing and energy work. This type of work Rob does is absolutely unique. Shamanic medicine is very new to me.

During our first session, I gave him a brief history of what I had been through the past 8 years. I had a lot of mental, physical, and emotional trauma that I had internalized over that time. I really didn’t know where to start getting rid of the layers of issues I had built up. Rob gathered from our conversation, that I am only 1/4 here on the earth and the rest of me is circling up in the air. He pointed out that I needed to be more grounded and more in my body. Being up in my mind too much is going to make me crazy.

Rob asked me where I thought we should start, and instructed me on how to sit and breath. Then he told me to focus on what I felt in my body. The first thing that came to me was the fear that I have in my stomach all the time. I wanted it to leave. Rob then had me choose a stone from his collection for our session. He told me to breath in deep and blow my breath into the stone, releasing my fear into it three times. Then I laid down onto a table on my back. He placed the stone onto my stomach and instructed me to visualize my breathing into the stone. Along with fear, it was panic, anger, and sadness that was coming to the surface.

My core issue was being alone in fear, and having no help or protection. I kept breathing through all of these feelings until I felt calm and okay. While this was going on, I also felt more than one presence in the room. I could sense the Elders that Rob calls to for help with his healing. It was very calming to have them present with us.

Eventually, I started to relax into the table. My mind went to a visualization of a rain forest. I was lying on the ground after it had rained. Everything was a deep beautiful green, and the earth was soft and warm. Rob put his hands under my back. I could feel myself totally melt into the table. Rob then spoke: “It’s okay little one. You can come back down to the earth now. It is safe come back.” It was the most peaceful, tranquil feeling I had ever experienced. Then I felt energy coming up through the bottoms of my feet, all the way up to my knees. I had never felt anything like it. It was like vibrating electricity. Rob explained that my legs should be like lightning bolts that are connected to the earth. Anything that I absorb can pass through me and be taken back into earth. The earth can take anything that I cannot handle. I didn’t realize how much I carry around inside me from other people. I have learned that I can process whatever I pick up from others mentally and physically, and let it pass through me. The energy needs to leave through my feet.

The biggest breakthrough I had with this session was manifestation. I could never figure out how to land my ideas onto the ground and make them real. Once Rob explained how to keep myself grounded, I finally found the key to that doorway. Whatever I think, goes through me and into the earth. I need to remember that my home is here, and not just up in the sky. All my ideas can now come down to the ground and be created here. I am more inside my body, therefore, I am more present with everyone around me. That helps me manifest in the physical realm.

Since our session, I have felt more like myself. I get messages and signs much easier, and my thinking flows better. To keep grounded, Rob said to keep doing the activities I enjoy, such as singing, dancing, and writing. Most importantly, I need to go back to riding horses. Horses are what I love and miss the most from my childhood. So I promised him I would.

“Rob, I promise I will go back to riding horses.”
Thank you so much!

– Love, Julie

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