Shaman Big Sur California


Shamanic Healing & Ceremony with Rob Somers

I offer Peruvian based Shamanic Healing in the Redwoods of Big Sur. I also work remotely with people who cannot make the journey to this magical place. Because the work is done on the energetic level, both are equally as powerful and effective.

As a Shaman I believe that we live in an energetic Universe that informs all matter. We are born with a blueprint of our Healed State encoded into our Luminous Energy Field much like DNA is encoded into the physical body. This blueprint is a map to navigate our fulfillment in this lifetime. Through trauma, familial patterns, and cultural conditioning, this map can become lost or obscured. 

Through Shamanic healing processes tested over thousands of years, I can help you recover the memory of your Healed State. Once the luminous body remembers the map, it will reset to its original perfection and naturally awaken to heal itself. I facilitate this process for my clients but the actual work is done between you and Spirit. 

What is a shaman?