Shamanic Healing Monterey


Below are brief descriptions of some of the major processes that I might use for your healing. This is not a menu! The appropriate action will be determined at the time of service after the tracking and discussion take place.

Healed State – This process is to recover from your luminous field the memory of what you incarnated in this life to do… the memory of who you are in your most healed, fulfilled state. This is where we find the vision that is worthy of devoting your life to.

Illumination – This is a process of clearing traumatic imprints and pathology from your luminous field. If left unchecked, these imprints cause disease in the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic bodies. We clear the imprints and restore the body to its original pristine energetic state.

Soul Retrieval – Sometimes when a person experiences a negative or traumatic event, a piece of the Soul breaks off and finds refuge in the Underworld. Without this piece one can often feel lost or confused, lacking meaning or purpose. Some even feel a loss of their basic life force. I journey to the Underworld to recover the missing energy and help the client integrate the lost piece. We then create a new mythic map of wholeness that will inform your life.

Extractions – Extractions are performed when there are foreign energies in the luminous field. These can originate from people living and dead, from previous lifetimes, or from entities that want to experience the physical realm. I remove the foreign energy and send it to the light.

Death Rites – These rites are given to someone making their definitive journey. They can also be given to people undergoing large transitions in their life in order to die to their old ways without physically dying. This can lead to a rebirth into a whole new way of Being.

Shamanic Healing with Rob Somers