Shamanic Healing Big Sur CA

About Shamanism

Shamanism has existed as long as there have been people on the planet. It has been the main healing tool for every culture on every continent for most of human history. It is anchored and draws its power from the manifested forces of Nature (Pachamama), and the unmanifested power of Spirit (Illyatexi). A Shaman is a Chacruna or bridge between these two forces and the client. Shamans believe that there is a living energy or Spirit that infuses the entire manifest Universe. Each person has a luminous energy field that informs the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic bodies. When trauma of any kind occurs, an imprint is made on the luminous energy field. If the imprint is not removed, it will manifest as disease on one of these levels. The main job description of a Shaman therefore is to remove these imprints. When removed, the body naturally resets itself to its original factory specifications.

The Shamanic name for our original factory specifications is our Healed State. Over time the awareness of this state that we enjoyed as children is lost. Heavy energies from life experiences (trauma), and outside forces serve to obscure the vision of our Healed State. The Shaman removes all heavy and foreign energies and recovers the body’s memory of its Healed state. The Shaman facilitates this process through his training, his benefactors, and his connection to the land, but the real work is done between the client and Spirit.

Shamans believe that there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who dream their lives into Being and those who are being dreamed by others. They believe that we co-create our reality through the power of intent. We literally have the power to dream our reality into Being. In order to do this, we must find a vision that is worthy of claiming our lives. Our Soul’s incarnate here for fulfillment. Our work here is to find what is written in our Soul’s memory, dream it into Being and allow it to claim our lives. Part of my Soul’s fulfillment is to help others accomplish this, and connect them to the wisdom and resources that dwell inside all of us.

Huascaran and Pico Blanco