About Me

Rob Somers PortraitMy vision is to dream a world into Being where every person lives in right relationship with themselves, others, nature, and the Universe. A world where people learn to source from the reality of sufficiency rather then the myth of scarcity… A world where people source from their Healed state instead of their wounded one… A world where people are less interested in the individual and more interested in the Collective. Finally, a world where we understand as all native peoples once did–that we do not own the land–the land owns us!

My formal training in Peruvian Shamanism began after surviving Stage IV cancer. From this experience, I learned the difference between curing and healing. Western medicine had miraculously cured my body of cancer, but I was a long way from being healed. A dear friend gave me Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s book “Shaman Healer Sage” and it was interesting enough to me that I went and heard him speak. That night, I realized that this was what I had been searching for to heal myself and others. Over a two year period, I attended and graduated from his Shamanic training school called “The Four Winds”. I traveled to the Peruvian Amazon upon graduation and learned directly from indigenous Shamans. I am grateful for the foundation that these experiences provided.

I was very fortunate to find my next teacher, a Peruvian Shaman by the name of Jose Luis Herrera. With a degree in engineering and a life split between the U.S. and Peru, he has a unique ability to straddle both worlds–the modern and the indigenous. Because of this, he is able to explain concepts that are very foreign to the western mind. He grew up in Peru with a master Shaman living in his home and was trained classically in many different Peruvian traditions with many different teachers. I attend his classes when he is teaching in the States and every year I accompany him to the Andes and/or the Amazon to further my education with the indigenous Shamans.

Shamanic Healing in Big Sur with Rob Somers